The equity derivatives market is constantly expanding and is set to remain a vibrant asset class given the benefits and the flexibility it offers. Our clients can reach out to our professionals during market hours for live support. In addition to contributing to the development of the equity derivatives market, we work closely with our clients’ teams to explore the advantages of trading options.

Furthermore, our clients can leverage GMIV professionals’ extensive experience in the largest banks on Wall Street to analyze their options portfolio and to gain insights into efficient management of risk.

  • Live Support and Consulting - GMIV professionals are available during market hours to assist with live pricing issues. We also remain at our clients’ disposal to promptly assist with any other equity derivatives related live request.

  • Client Training and Education - The equity derivatives market offers substantial advantages. Given its complexity we ensure that our clients fully understand the products and are aware of the risks associated with options positions. In addition, experienced options professionals can learn more about GMIV’s unique and innovative model to construct implied volatility surfaces during our regular road shows and seminars.

  • Options Portfolio Analysis and Custom Solutions - We work closely with our clients and assist them with customized options portfolio analysis. We provide them with detailed portfolio risk analyses, suggest optimal hedging solutions and help them make more informed investment decisions.

  • Trading Platform Enhancement - Our proprietary volatility model allows for highly accurate construction of implied volatility surfaces. As part of our services, we give our clients the exclusive opportunity to integrate our model into their trading platform. This enhancement will significantly improve the quality of their volatility surfaces, enable for better informed investment decisions and ultimately lead to increased productivity.